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News on some popular TV programmes

The US is poised to overtake the UK as far as Blackadder is concerned. Following the recent deal with the BBC, Warner are to release all four series along with last years Millenium special.

Blackadder, Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third, Blackadder Goes Forth and Blackadder: Back and Forth are all to receive Region 1 DVD releases on 15 May. Each series will fit on one disc, and each will retail for $24.95 (Back and Forth will retail for $19.95). There will also be a special boxset featuring all five discs retailing at $119.95. Each disc will be presented in the original 4:3 aspect ratio with Dolby Digital 2.0 sound.

Fans of Stargate SG1 have been waiting to hear about a full release of season 1 for quite some time. It looks like the wait is about to end with MGM readying a release of the entire first series in one boxset on 4 April. The $89.95 boxset will contain all 21 episodes from the series presented in anamorphic 16:9 widescreen and Dolby Digital 2.0 sound.

Finally, Farscape is also now beginning to appear in Region 1 - and even this one is getting slightly better treatment. In the UK, Contender Video have been getting heaps of praise for their presentation of the series and no-one could have predicted that the US would go one better. The first disc is due on 6 February and features the first two episodes from the first series along with an audio commentary, cast/crew biographies, photo galleries, web access and a featurette. Disc two is expected on 20 March and will feature deleted scenes, an audio commentary and photo galleries.

Each disc retails at $24.98. UK viewers can at least take pleasure in the fact that we get the series a lot earlier than our US friends and Season 2 will begin to appear on UK shelves on 5 March in much the same form as the first series (two-disc boxsets retailing at £24.99).

Oh, and I've also been hearing rumours that a certain Vampire Slayer going by the name of Buffy could be appearing in Region 1 later this year after all. November is the date I've been given, but it could in fact be a little earlier.

Colin Polonowski

Last updated: 15/06/2018 11:55:41

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