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TV rumour roundup

First up, I'm sure a lot of you will have read on other sites that Star Trek: Voyager is coming to DVD later this year. Plans are certainly afoot to bring the series out on Region 2 in a series of boxsets - one per season, retailing at around £89.99.

Other than the above, we've also seen rumours that the series will be 'remastered' and that extras are expected to accompany the actual episodes.

More interestingly, we should be seeing The Original Series on Region 2 by the end of the year as well - in much the same form. The Next Generation is pencilled in to start early next year while Deep Space Nine is expected to appear around the latter months of 2002. Why is it the one I most want is going to be last?!

On to other TV series rumours - more on Buffy. The latest information I have on the Slayer is that we should at the very least see Season 3 during the summer while Season 4 is expected this side of Christmas. Of course with Season 4 of Buffy on the horizon you'll be asking 'what about Angel?' - well Season 1 will be released on the same date (whatever that's going to be!)

Any more? Well, how about Babylon 5 which is now definitely on for release later in the year. J Michael Straczynski - the series creator has now confirmed this in a post to a B5 newsgroup, and Warner have confirmed that the series is in the works for release in both Region 1 and 2.

More? Yup - The X Files: Season 2 is now confirmed for a Region 2 release on 30 April. It'll take the same format as the previous boxset and will retail for £89.99. Extras will include 'The Truth About Season 2' documentary, deleted scenes, promotional spots and behind-the-scenes stuff.

And that's about it!

Colin Polonowski

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