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The Sopranos

Warner have announced their intention to release the first season of the critically acclaimed television series, The Sopranos onto Region 2 DVD on 16 April.

We can expect both a £59.99 boxset containing the entire series, or alternatively you can buy the six individual volumes (containing two-three episodes) for £12.99 each.

In addition to the episodes, each disc will include a few extras.

Disc One
Episodes: The Sopranos / 46 Long
Features: Trailers, documentary (part 1 of 5, Behind The Hit "The Godfather")

Disc Two
Episodes: Denial, Anger, Acceptance / Meadowlands
Features: Trailers, documentary (part 2 of 5, Behind The Hit "The Family Man"

Disc Three
Episodes: College / Pax Soprano
Features: Trailers, documentary (part 3 of 5, Behind The Hit "Adventures in the Waste Management Business")

Disc Four
Episodes: Down Neck / Tennessee Moltisante
Features: Trailers, documentary (part 4 of 5, Behind The Hit "The Tony Tapes")

Disc Five
Episodes: Boca / A Hit Is A Hit
Features: Trailers, documentary (part 5 of 5, Behind The Hit "Oh, Poor You")

Disc Six
Episodes: Nobody Knows Anything / Isabella / Jeannie Cusamano
Features: Trailers, 'Woke Up This Morning' music video by Alabama 3

According to the press release, the discs will feature 1.33:1 transfers and a Dolby Surround soundtrack. According to a few Region 1 sites however, the US release featured anamorphic widescreen transfers and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Hopefully, this is a mistake on the part of the PR company - otherwise it looks like we'll be getting a raw deal once again.

Colin Polonowski

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:29:09

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