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Creative Launch PC Dolby Digital Kit

In my day, you were happy with a couple of bleeps and a ping out of your PC's built in speaker, but these days it seems people are building computers with sound systems that rival that of the local multiplex. In order to perpetuate this trend, Creative Labs have announced the latest in their long line of SoundBlaster products.

The originally-titled SoundBlaster Surround 5.1 Kit contains everything that you need to give your PC home cinema capabilities. That consists of the following:

  • Sound Blaster Live! Player 5.1 Soundcard - A top-of-the-line soundcard providing 5.1 channels of sound and Creative's EAX technology. Basically, EAX allows the card's onboard processor to do fancy sound manipulation stuff giving you great sound and leaving your CPU free to do other things.

  • DeskTop Theatre 5.1 DTT2200 - A 5.1 amp and speaker set designed to be used with the above soundcard. It consists of 5 very small, cube speakers, a big beefy amp and subwoofer combo and a separate volume control unit. Oh, and it's black.
So that's about your lot on this story other than to say you should look to pay around £149.99 inc. VAT for all of the kit above. More details can be found on Creative's webpage.

Carl Prescott

Last updated: 25/06/2018 00:10:00

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