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Doctor Who: Future plans

First up I feel I need to apologise for a slight mistake in my Remembrance of the Daleks review. I misinterpretted a little bit of information from the Restoration Team website. The mistake has now been rectified.

Further to the review, problems with the Remembrance of the Daleks disc have come to light. These revolve around attempts to improve the picture quality which had the unfortunate side effect of losing a few special effects - mainly Dalek laser fire. The overall effect is hardly noticeable however and doesn't really detract from the story.

Next up, we have some details for the post-Caves of Androzani release of the Doctor Who TV Movie. The Restoration Team are currently working hard to ensure that this outing for the Eighth Doctor is up to the standards of their other discs. The DVD itself will feature in full uncut version of the story - which includes some violence not seen in the previous VHS release and original BBC2 transmission.

The team have been looking high and low for extra material for this release and have come up trumps with the original Electronic Press Kits - so we should be seeing some fairly interesting, if superficial, material at the very least. There is also a chance of a commentary track being recorded. We can also expect a text-commentary as with the Remembrance disc and a photo gallery.

Of course, the next disc to hit the shelves will be The Caves of Androzani which is due on 13 June. Further details on this one can be found in the update listed below.

Colin Polonowski

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