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BBC Announcements

BBC Worldwide have announced a couple of promising titles for release in April.

First up, we have Only Fools and Horses: Series 2. The disc will contain all eight episodes (see below) and will be released on 2 April retailing for £19.99...

The Long Legs Of The Law
Rodney starts dating a policewoman - much to the concern of Delboy.

Ashes to Ashes
Del buys up Trigger's Gran's collection of antique urns - but it turns out that one contains the ashes of Trigger's dead Grandfather.

A Losing Streak
Del and Boycie set up Peckham's biggest ever Poker game, but Boycie just happens to have an alterior motive.

No Greater Love
Rodney finds himself a new girlfriend - who just happens to be married, and her husband is just about to leave prison...

The Yellow Peril
Del branches out to the painting and decorating business when he gets a job painting the local Chinese restaurant.

It Never Rains
A holiday to Spain turns into a disaster when Grandad gets into trouble with the local police.

A Touch Of Glass
Del and Rodney discover that they're not really suited to the chandelier cleaning business!

Diamonds are For Heather
It's Christmas and Del's fallen hook, line and sinker for someone called Heather.

The end of April - the 30th to be precise - will see a release for the first series of the hugely popular series, This Life. The two disc set will contain the entire series and will retail for £29.99.

Colin Polonowski

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:28:01

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