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New rarities from Kino

Probably thanks to the ultra-obscure nature of much of their output, New York-based Kino don't get much coverage on DVD sites - which is a pity, as their catalogue contains some fascinating gems that are well worth exploring, and their upcoming DVDs are very much in the same kind of vein.

On 3 April, they'll be releasing the last three films by the great Armenian film-maker Sergo Paradjanov (arguably the Soviet Union's most important director along with Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Eisenstein) along with a 57-minute documentary. Generously, they're putting them onto just two discs, the first containing Legend of the Suram Fortress and Ashik Kerib and the second featuring The Colour of Pomegranates and Ron Holloway's Paradjanov: A Requiem, plus an early Paradjanov short, the little-seen Hagop Hovnatanian.

On the same date, they'll be releasing Eisenstein's famously and notoriously unfinished American project Que Viva Mexico! in a restored version with extras to include Eisenstein shorts Romance Sentimentale and Misery and Fortune of Woman, together with a collection of texts relating to the main feature.

And on 10 April, there's a treat in store for Buster Keaton fans - Kino have already released the bulk of his major work as a ten-disc series (which we've already reviewed), but these two additions to the catalogue contain some fascinating rarities: ten of the shorts he made with Fatty Arbuckle in the late 1910s. Volume 1 contains The Bell Boy, The Butcher Boy, Out West, Moonshine and The Hayseed, and volume 2 has Back Stage, Good Night Nurse!, Coney Island, The Rough House and The Garage.

Finally, on 24 April, there's a relatively obscure early Powell & Pressburger film, Contraband and an even more obscure Norwegian thriller, Zero Kelvin.

All the above will almost certainly be non-region-coded NTSC, so they should play in just about any DVD player. For more information, see Kino's website.

Michael Brooke

Last updated: 13/07/2018 18:52:34

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