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Disney do it again...

Bad news for those of you that suffered problems with the Region 2 releases of the Toy Story and Fantasia boxsets - it appears Disney are once again going to be releasing a product that falls below our expectations with their upcoming release of Dinosaur.

Despite the fact the disc isn't yet on the shelves, I've had a few reports from people who have the Region 2 disc already and are experiencing problems with slow menus and players crashing - I've heard from both a Samsung 807 owner and a first-generation Wharfedale DVD750 owner, two players that had trouble with the previous Disney problem discs.

Unfortunately, I very much doubt Disney will care too much - they've already effectively washed their hands of the Toy Story/Fantasia problems even though it is common knowledge that the discs are the cause of the issues, pushing some of the less strict boundaries of the DVD format as far as menu implementation is concerned.

Until the disc gets its full release on 26 March it's impossible to estimate just how far this problem may extend. It's interesting that the Region 1 release has had it's problems and some of these may have transferred to our discs. In previous cases the Region 1 releases were relatively unaffected.

More news as it comes in!

UPDATE: Andy over at the The R2 Project has actually reviewed the disc and tested in on a Samsung 807. He has confirmed that there are issues with the slow menus and he has crashed his machine a couple of times with this disc. He has also tested the film disc on the Sony DVP-325 and LG3200e - neither of which showed any problems. He's still to try the extras disc on these machines, but as soon as he does we'll let you know.

UPDATE 2: We're now also getting reports via Chris at DVD News that Grundig GDV210 may also have problems. They've heard from one of their readers, but we're awaiting confirmation that it is the Region 2 disc that's causing the problem.

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Last updated: 16/06/2018 00:08:56

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