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EXCLUSIVE! New regional coding system

Five well-known DVD distributers, including Warner and Columbia Tristar, announced this weekend that they have jointly developed a new regional coding standard, known as Compulsory Region Assignment Protocol. According to research carried out by the distributors in both the UK and the USA, this 'Super RCE' defeats many popular multi-region players, including all Wharfedale, Samsung and Toshiba machines. The technology works by interrogating the firmware to discover the default home region - the region the player would be set to after a full reset. Apparently, this circumvents any remote-hacks or mod-chips used in the above players.

This is obviously very bad news for the hundreds of owners of these machines. The technology effectively ignores their multi-region capabilities, and discs using it will only play if the default region of the player matches that of the disc. The distributors estimate that they will be implementing this technology on all new releases from the beginning of next month, effective in America and Britain.

Could this be the end of R1 imports for us? Well, no doubt eventually someone will develop a mod-chip to bypass this technology, but this means that thousands of people will have to pay to modify their player, who could previously simply use a remote hack.

Watch out for more details on this important news story, and also which releases we can expect to implement 'Super RCE'.

Note: Fortunately, this was an April Fool's Joke. It fooled quite a few people too!

Matthew Fuller

Last updated: 19/04/2018 19:25:14

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