WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE! Wharfedale's New Player Details (Part 1 of 2)

In a Worldwide Exclusive and way before press date, I've managed to get my grubby little mitts on some top secret information regarding Wharfedale's brand spanking new DVD player; the DVD-M5.

As mentioned in an earlier story, this player hits the streets in a couple of weeks time on the 16th of April and will be available exclusively from Tescos. The M5 will retail at a not unreasonable £179.99, much in line with the price point of its predecessor. Coming in a very suave silver with gold trim, it offers (official this time) DTS support and will playback MP3 CDs in much the same way as the 750S before it did. The only other obvious cosmetic change is the addition of a jog shuttle to the front fascia.

So, all in all it looks like Wharfie will probably have another winner on their hands here, although one would hope that the occasional playback problems the 750x suffered from will be, for the most part at least, resolved.

A huge thank you goes out to MR M0BY, our very own secret espionage spy bloke for providing us with this very valuable information. Even better than all of the above though, we'll have full technical specifications on the site by Wednesday evening, another DVD Times Exclusive!

UPDATE - I have removed a paragraph from the above story that was factually incorrect. In an assumption on my part, I mentioned that this player appeared to be a souped up 750S and this is apparantly not true, although it's full technical specifications are yet to be revealed. Despite this, the tech specs should still appear on this site tomorrow evening as promised.

Carl Prescott

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