Phantom Menace: Could these be the real details?

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site The and Italian DVD website DVDWeb It have what they believe to be the full specification of the rumoured DVD release of Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Technically we can expect an anamorphic 2.35:1 transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX sound (no DTS). The release date is rumoured to be some time in October or November - 16 October is one that is being bandied around a lot at the moment.

Before delving into the (impressive) list of extras, there are a couple of things to note (ignoring the debatable quality of the film, of course) - most importantly the fact that George Lucas has been quoted on numerous occasions saying that there would be no Star Wars films on DVD until all six had been completed. If TPM is released in October he'll once again be going against something he's said in the past. No surprise there.

Next up is the fact that there doesn't appear to be a DTS soundtrack. The more paranoid amongst us would probably assume that this is so that Lucas can release the film again in the future with a DTS soundtrack as one of the main selling points - and this is probably something that will happen quite frequently!

So, what can we expect in the way of extras? The DVD release will feature two discs laid out as follows:

Disc One

  • Star Wars Episode I
  • Audio commentary by George Lucas and crew
  • Web link to
Disc Two
  • Teaser trailer
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Music video (Duel Of The Fates)
  • 9 tv commercials
  • 7 deleted scenes: complete podrace starting grid sequence, complete podrace 2nd lap sequence, waterfall sequence, aereotaxi sequence (Coruscant), sunrise before the podrace, Anakin and Greedo, Farewell to Jira
  • Documentaries
  • Behind the scenes footage: Special effects, sostume department, set decoration/art department, screenwriting/the storyline, lightsaber duels
  • Animatics (available from 4 different angles): Introduction, Podrace 2nd lap, Underwater sequence
  • Production stills

Is an official announcement on the cards? We think so - most likely within the next couple of weeks. Up until then, everything you read is rumour (and we've seen a hell of a lot of them in the past) - although this latest one looks like it could be quite accurate. As soon as the official announcment is made it'll be here for you to see!

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