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Here's a very quick roundup of what we can expect from some of the independent DVD distributors in the UK during the coming months...

Before I reel of the list of releases, I'd like to mention the MIA release of The Stormriders - according to the press release, Hong Kong's biggest film ever. Due in October, this will be another two-disc special edition - details are sketchy at best, but hopefully MIA will take past criticism on board and will do something about making the picture quality for this release more acceptable.

Now down to the boring list of release dates...

Disappearing Acts, High Fliers, 2 July, Rental
Once Upon A Time in China 2, Hong Kong Legends, 2 July, £19.99
Phantom of the Opera, High Fliers, 16 July, Rental
Young and Dangerous 3, Hong Kong Classics, 23 July, £19.99
Magnificent Butcher, Hong Kong Legends, 23 July, £19.99
The Doll Squad, MIA, 23 July, £15.99
Indochine, Arrow Films, 23 July, £15.99
Les Amants Du Pont Neuf, Arrow Films, 23 July, £15.99
Dark Prince (The Legend of Dracula), High Fliers, 6 August, Rental
The Postman Fights Back, Hong Kong Legends, 6 August, £19.99
Trop Belle Pour Toi, Arrow Films, 20 August, £15.99
The Key, Arrow Films, 20 August, £15.99
The Wonder of Sex, High Fliers, 20 August, Rental
In The Line Of Duty, Hong Kong Legends, 20 August, £19.99
Atomic Train, Medusa, 20 August, £19.99
The Art of Seduction, Arrow Films, £15.99, 20 August

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