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Anime News Roundup

Another anime news roundup - a little light on info this time but here goes...

R2 Japanese Princess Mononoke Update We have a few more details to share including some artwork.

Princess Mononoke
3 Disc Set
Disc 1 - 5.1ch English/Japanese soundtracks with English/Japanese subtitles
Disc 2 - Entire Film to Storyboard comparison utilising Multi-angle capabilities
Disc 3 - International Version that has Japanese, English, French, Cantonese, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese Dubbed 2.0ch Audio Tracks

Making of Princess Mononoke
3 Disc Set
Original 4:3 Aspect Ratio with 2.0ch Japanese Audio
How Princess Mononoke was born consists of...
Part 1 - Kami no ue no dorama (A Drama On Paper) - 132minutes
Part 2 - Inochi ga fukikomareta (Life Has Been Breathed Into It) - 137minutes
Part 3 - (The Day The Record Was Broken) - 130minutes

So far there is no confirmation on subtitles for the Making of set, nor information on the picture format or word on literal subtitles for the main feature and unfortunately it is unlikely we will find out until their release on the 21st November 2001.

Madman R4 News A few tidbits of info here...the R4 Akira SE slated for a 14/11/2001 release will not be available in Tin form in Australia but do look out for a full 2-disc set with all new menus (wonder how they'll compare to those on the already fabulous R1?), a PAL transfer from the Digital Master and the all new 5.1 English Audio track (Japanese 2.0 is also included). Madman have a few new anime series set to start their DVD run next year including Gasaraki and Ah! My Goddess around February/March 2002, with Sailor Moon set to debut around mid-2002.

UK R2 Release Dates The information here is average at best but is all I could find on upcoming English R2 Anime DVDs.


  • Riding Bean
  • Oh My Goddess Volume 2 (NTSC, Sub/Dub, Audio Commentary by English Voice-Cast, Music and SFX Track)
  • Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Volume 2 (Sub/Dub, Eps 4-6)

  • Princess Mononoke (English/Japanese 5.1 with English Subtitles, Trailer & Featurette)
  • Princess Mononoke Limited Edition (As Standard but includes a miniaturised version of Helen McCarthy's book 'Miyazaki - Master of Japanese Animation)

  • Urusei Yatsura Movie 1
  • Gunsmith Cats

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