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R1 Updates and Release Dates

I must apologise for the lack of R1 news updates recently. Various factors prevented me from posting for about a week and a half, and no updates were posted last week for obvious reasons. Hopefully I should now be able to post updates on a regular basis again.

To begin with, here are the release dates for some titles where no disc details are available yet. As usual, the details will be posted here when they become available:


All for release on the 11th of December:

Casualties of War
The Following (Christopher (Memento) Nolan's first movie)
The Vertical Ray of the Sun


Moulin Rouge - 18th of December


The Score
- 11th of December.

Also, Universal will release a PG-rated version of Josie and the Pussycats on the 20th of November, at a retail price of $26.98. This disc will feature the exact same specification and extras as the current PG-13 rated version, with the only apparent difference being toned-down language. Since this is being released a good three months after the current version, it really does strike me as being a pointless exercise. Andy Hall's review of the current PG-13 rated release can be found here.

Lastly, an update on The Prince of Tides DVD - this disc will have extras after all.... a generous helping of production notes, talent files and trailers.

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