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Space 1999: Series 2

Carlton have announced a boxset featuring the entire second series of Space: 1999 which is expected to get a release on 12 November. All twenty four episodes from the second series will be released in a six-disc boxset (£79.99) with the discs also being available to buy individually (£15.99). We can also expect interviews with the stars and Gerry Anderson, original trailers, extensive stills gallery, character biographies, novelisations, script pages, and stills of footage that never made it into the final cuts.

Here's what each disc looks like:

Volume 1
Episodes: Metamorph / The Exiles / One Moment of Humanity / All That Glisters
Features: Year 2 Trailer 1 / stills gallery / Martin Landau interview / deleted script pages and stills

Volume 2
Episodes: Journey to Where / The Taybor / The Rules of Luton / The Mask of Archanon
Features: Year 2 Trailer 2 / stills gallery / Barbara Bain interview / new characters biographies

Volume 3
Episodes: Brian The Brain / New Adam New Eve / The AB Chrysalis / Catacombs of the Moon
Features: Year 2 Trailer 3 / stills gallery / Gerry Anderson interview / Year 2 novels

Volume 4
Episodes: Seed of Destruction / The Beta Cloud / A Matter Of Balance / Space Warp
Features: Destination Moonbase Alpha trailer / stills gallery / Catherine Schell interview / Keith Wilson interview

Volume 5
Episodes: The Bringers of Wonder: Part One / The Bringers of Wonder: Part Two / The Lambda Factor / The Séance Spectre
Features: Martin Landau & Barbara Bain UK trailers / stills gallery / Freddie Frieberger interview / deleted script pages and stills

Volume 6
Dorzak / Devil's Planet / The Immunity Syndrome / The Dorcons
Features: Martin Landau & Barbara Bain USA trailers / stills gallery / Brian Johnson's commentary on series Special Effects / Brian Johnson intervew

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