Official Buffy: Season Three Confirmation

Fox have now sent through the official confirmation of the Season Three DVD release of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in Region 2 on 29 October. Retailing for £79.99, the six-disc boxset will include all of the episodes from the show's third year along with an array of extras spanning all of the discs. Full details were posted in a previous update, but I'll reproduce them here for convenience...

Disc One
Episodes: Anne / Dead Man's Party / Faith, Hope And Trick / Beauty And The Beasts
Extras: Faith, Hope and Trick script

Disc Two
Episodes: Homecoming / Band Candy / Revelations / Lover's Walk
Extras: Band Candy script, Lover's Walk script

Disc Three
Episodes: The Wish / Amends / Gingerbread
Extras: The Wish script, Season 3 overview, 'Buffy Speak', gallery, cast biographies

Disc Four
Episodes: Helpless / The Zeppo / Bad Girls / Consequences
Extras: Helpless commentary, Bad Girls commentary, Consequences commentary

Disc Five
Episodes: Doppelgangland / Enemies / Earshot / Choices
Extras: Earshot commentary

Disc Six
Episodes: The Prom / Graduation Day - Part 1 / Graduation Day - Part 2
Extras: Special Effects featurette, Weapons featurette, Wardrobe featurette

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