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I've just been having a quick browse around the Restoration Team website to see if there's anything exciting in the way of Doctor Who news. And, there is!

I think the most interesting new info is for the upcoming (2002) release of The Ark In Space - a first season Tom Baker story. The DVD looks like it's going to be very impressive indeed - there is quite a good selection of extras including:

  • Commentary with Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Philip Hinchcliffe
  • Un-used title sequence
  • An original BBC1 trail for the first episode of hte story
  • Original 16mm model shots
  • A feature on the design of the Ark
  • An interview with Tom Baker recorded at Wookey Hole for Revenge of the Cybermen
  • TARDIS-cam
  • Production subtitles
  • Photo gallery
  • Easter eggs

To top it all though we have some new CGI model shots of the space station. These will be included through the use of branching - and won't be switched on by default. It'll be interesting to see how well they integrate with the actual episode.

For far more information on all of the above it's well worth visiting the Restoration Team website. Also, look out for our full review of the next release - Vengeance on Varos very soon.

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