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Its time for another Anime News update and while things have been quiet of late there are a few street date announcements to relay as well as a few street date changes, but mostly its just bad news...

Manga Entertainment have updated their official website to list the Evangelion Movies as two separate releases. Those who have read previous news reports will know of a 2-disc set comprising of both movies that Manga have been touting, well now we will see Death and Rebirth released 30/04/2002 and End of Evangelion released 30/07/2002 both with retail prices of $29.95. To add insult to injury they are making us wait the longest for End of Evangelion (the movie Eva fans are most eagerly awaiting) and charging us double the price of the previously discussed 2-Disc set (that presumably is no more).

The R2 Japanese release of Metropolis has been advertised in Newtype magazine and sadly is listed as having Japanese subtitles only. This again is disappointing news considering the rumours that the US cinematic release will be cut by Sony. There is of course, still hope and we will only know for certain when Metropolis is released in both Standard and Memorial Box formats on 7/12/2001.

Despite what the Trailers on My Neighbour Totoro may state Studio Ghibli have moved Panda Ko Panda (Panda! Go Panda in the US) from its 17/10/2001 release to a much later 05/12/2001 release with a retail price of 4700yen. Another bilingual release from Studio Ghibli (Japanese/English Dub/Sub) the extra features are a little sketchy at this time although I doubt we will see a 2-disc set (I will gladly be proved wrong though).

Madman have altered their October/November release dates considerably due to various reasons including delayed source materials from Pioneer. All titles still slated for the already passed 10/10/2001 release date will be in shops (and instock at e-tailers) for the 19/10/2001 while Lain Volumes 1 and 2 have moved from October 10th to November 14th meaning the first 3 volumes of Lain will now all be released on the same day. Like another Manga Entertainment title (Wings of Honneamise) Fist of the North Star has completely disappeared off their release schedule while the much anticipated Akira is still causing much confusion amongst R4 fans. In a previous report Madman stated that the R4 edition of Akira would not only lose the Tin casing but also the second disc leading to a much reduced set of extras and fears regarding the overall presentation of the film. Recent speculation in their own forums suggest a 2-disc set is still on the cards while an update on their own website makes no mention of a 2-disc set but does list a set of extra features that is very close to the R1 Pioneer release, although the missing Restoration Featurettes suggest a release more inline with the French Manga/Pathe release.

Still, this is all speculation and unfortunately like most Manga Entertainment related titles we will not know the final specs until release, but with an online price of under £10 the R4 is an extremely tempting prospect for those looking for a cheap introduction to the world of anime.

Finally, the previously mentioned French R2 Jin Roh Collectors Edition is now available for pre-order from e-tailers like Amazon France with a release date of 22nd November 2001. A 3-disc set (the 3rd disc is the original soundtrack on CD) this is another French Special Edition that only features French subtitles. Specifications and Extra features include...

-1:85:1 Anamorphic Transfer
-Japanese and French Dolby Digital 5.1 Tracks
-French Subtitles
-Theatrical Trailer Card
-Exclusive Interviews
-More than 250 sketches
-10 Scenes examined stage by stage
-4 Japanese Trailers
-1 French Trailer
-OST Audio CD
-16 Page Collectors booklet

This is a fantastic looking set that is sadly lacking in English subtitles although providing the French subtitles are not forced fans will of course be able to use scripts that are already available via the net.

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