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A few interesting pieces of news have cropped up over the last week so here is a brief rundown of what has been happening in the wonderful world of anime.

R1 Bandai Announcements: Bandai have announced several titles for release in the new year and while most of the titles are continuations of their current anime series (Gundam etc) there are a couple of notable exceptions. 19/02/2002 sees the first volume of Love Hina hit the streets in two packages, both your plain vanilla DVD release or you can pay just $5 extra to get the DVD as part of a boxset that is designed to house the entire Love Hina series of DVDs! The other release of particular note is Jin Roh that will debut on 05/03/2002 and receive both standard ($29.95 RRP) and special ($59.95) edition releases. Due to the high cost of the special edition I am assuming (well, hoping!) this will be identical to the French R2 release due 22/11/2002 that I and many others have been following for a while now and of course due to the lack of English subtitles on the French release this one will certainly be worth watching as an alternative.

A further update on Madman's October 10th titles that will now be available to buy 2 weeks after their original release date on the 24th October, although there are reports of titles like 'X' already being available at Australian retailers.

Lupin fans get yourselves over to this forum thread on where Funimation, who recently licensed a large number of the Lupin movies, are asking for suggestions regarding which titles they should release first onto the DVD format.

Those of you who have been waiting for the Japanese R2 release of Akira (25th October 2001) will not be disappointed when it comes to the package design, just look at this object of beauty…

…almost puts the R1 Tin to shame now does it not?

Finally, this is not exactly DVD news related but like myself I would suggest that any anime fan check-out Helen McCarthy's new book The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation since 1917 as it looks to be the ultimate companion guide for any serious enthusiast and should definitely be worth the reasonable £15 asking price.

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