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Halloween Special: Part Two

Yet more reviews have been added to the site as part of our Halloween Special...

"Mad" Mark Boydell has reviewed the Region 0 release of Ring, an incredibly effective Japanese horror film. Looking at urban myths, director Hideo Nakata pulls off a powerful tension-ridden film that never really slows down. Sadly, Ring has been given a very poor DVD release by Tartan Video.

Alexander Larman has reviewed the Region 2 release of Witchfinder General. A strange, flawed but compelling horror film is released on a not-bad disc from Metrodome, with some interesting extras.

Mike Sutton has reviewed the Region 1 release of Theatre Of Blood.

Mark Davis has reviewed the Region 2 release of Day of the Dead.

”Dreadful” Dave Foster has reviewed the Region 1 Canadian release of Ginger Snaps. Following today’s earlier Region 2 Review of this werewolf based Horror film I have looked at the superior R1 Canadian release while also offering an alternative opinion on the film itself.

"Anti-Christ" Alan Daly has reviewed the Region 0 release of Deep Red, a first-rate giallo given a stunning transfer by Anchor Bay.

Last updated: 19/04/2018 18:40:10

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