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In our last Anime News Update we reported a bumper crop of official release dates and disc specs so in a stark contrast this news update mostly sees a bare minimal of official information and a large amount of tidbits we have gathered here and there but of course it is all invaluable as I have added my own personal views to most of it!

With the R2 Japanese release of Metropolis edging ever closer (7th December) the lack of English subtitles is causing much grief to those who just have to see this film. For a long time now it has been known that Columbia Tristar have the UK/US rights for both Theatrical and Home Video formats and finally the first nugget of information has slipped through the net thanks to the British Board of Film Classification. Rated at the BBFC is a Metropolis - Animax Special with the following additional information present...

DVD Additional Material - Making of Main spoken language is Japanese, Subtitled, Multi-Aspect with a running time of 36minutes and 12 seconds (passed uncut with a PG rating).

This would suggest a UK DVD release is definitely on the cards and more interesting is that it will certainly contain extra features and considering they subtitled the extra feature here, with any luck the film will also feature the original Japanese Language track with English subtitles.

In other Columbia Tristar news it is now known that they have the US/UK rights to the eagerly awaited Cowboy Bebop Movie - Knockin on Heavens Door which is currently scheduled for a standard Japanese R2 release (Anamorphic, DD5.1, Textless Intro/Outro and Theatrical Trailers) from Bandai for the 25th January 2002. Again, English subtitles are not scheduled to appear on the Japanese release much like the previously mentioned Metropolis and I believe this very well could be because Sony/Columbia Tristar will be releasing both titles in the US/UK regions and do not want us to import the Japanese releases (for which they were co-producers/distributors).

Speaking of the excellence that is Cowboy Bebop the all-new Limited Edition boxset Cowboy Bebop: The Perfect Sessions is released tomorrow from Bandai on R1 DVD and features all six volumes on DVD (totalling 26 episodes). Packaged in a superb box (that was designed in Japan) with the 1st Original Soundtrack CD featured as an extra this set will retail for a cool $199.98. For those eagerly awaiting their set here is a picture to tide you over...

Also released tomorrow on R1 DVD but this time from Pioneer is Trigun - The Complete DVD Boxset that features all 8 volumes on DVD (totalling 26 episodes) of this superb anime and like the Bebop set retails for a reasonable $199.98. Again, for those eagerly awaiting their set here are some pictures to tide you over...

Trigun Box Front

Trigun Box Rear

Look out for a full review of the Trigun Boxset as soon as I receive my set and have waded through all 650-minutes of the series!

The Asian DVD Guide has reported news that IVL, the Hong Kong distribution arm of Buena Vista/Disney will be releasing the Miyazaki classics, My Neighbour Totoro and Kikis Delivery Service on Region 3 DVD in Hong Kong on the 11th December 2001. The only information we currently have is that both discs will feature the original Japanese Language tracks with both English and Chinese subtitles made available. Video specs are currently unknown but we should hopefully see the films presented in their original aspect ratios. IVL have also said we can expect the following Studio Ghibli titles to arrive 'around June 2002'....

  • Nausicaa
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Whisper Of The Heart
  • Porco Rosso
  • Laputa
  • Only Yesterday
  • Pom Poko

It would certainly appear that we are seeing the first legitimate releases of these titles outside of Japan on the DVD (with the exception of Princess Mononoke) format and we can only hope that IVL will present us with discs of a greater calibre than the majority of Hong Kong studios can manage as these discs will certainly provide a welcome alternative to the superb but costly Japanese releases.

Finally, fans of Streetfighter 2: The Animated Movie will no doubt have been disappointed by the Manga R2 disc that was released after many delays on the 29th October to a muted reception thanks to its dire Audio/Video representation of the anime and a useless selection of extra features. Although I never expected to see it the last straw for many fans would be the lack of the Japanese version of the film which features a longer cut and of course the original Japanese audio (which features different voices and in this case a hugely different musical accompaniment) so one diehard fan has set-up an online Petition to show Manga Entertainment that there is a demand for the original version of this anime and that they should release it as such.

If you have an interest in this film or indeed in seeing any film presented in its original format then you can help out Bronze and hopefully show Manga Entertainment that there is an audience for the Japanese version of Streetfighter 2 - The Animated Movie by taking a look at this Petition Page and signing it if you agree.

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