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Just a selection of brief news snippets for your consumption for this Anime News Update...

ADV Films have acquired the rights to Crying Freeman and Doomed Megalopolis for release on R1 DVD while they are all set to release the complete AD Police: To Protect and Serve 12 Episode Series as a 2-Disc set for the 9th April 2002.

Pioneer and Bandai are already getting ahead of themselves with the announcements of Soul Taker Volume 2 for the 16th April and Love Hina Volume 2 for the 23rd April 2002. Speaking of Love Hina it would appear that the Singapore Publisher, Odex Limited have released the entire series onto R0 DVD as part of a 6-Disc set with English subtitles - more info on this release when I receive it...

Fans of Gainax (the production company behind such anime as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Wings of Honneamise) will be pleased to here that Animego will be releasing the 1982 release, Otaku no Video on R1 DVD (Original Language with English Subtitles) for the 31st December.

Continuing with the Gainax theme Manga Entertainment have released a Promotional Flyer for their 2002 releases of the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies which sadly confirm the later than wanted release dates.

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Anyone interested in these long awaited releases should be sure to read the summary of a Manga Entertainment Press Panel at the AnimeTourist website where there is a huge amount of promising information on the Eva releases (too much for me to summarise here but there are mentions of multiple commentary tracks and interviews!) and other Manga Entertainment titles although I do feel I should remind readers that Manga Entertainment are hardly the most reliable of sources!

Also due from Manga Entertainment next year on R1 DVD is the Macross Plus Movie which will see its long awaited DVD release on February 8th and will be Original Language only with English Subtitles.

Moving on to Region 4 you will see that Madman have updated their release dates and are now showing both Lain Volume 4 and Perfect Blue for a February 13th release. Is the oft delayed R4 release of Perfect Blue a sign that we will see an Anamorphic Transfer? we can only hope. Looking toward their sister site (AVChannel) you will also find that BlackJack (a Manga Entertainment title) and a new series, Gasaraki Volumes 1 & 2 are slated for the same date with Gasaraki looking to be an 8 Volume series like its R1 counterpart.

Finally, by request we have some Sailor Moon news so all you Sailor Moon fans out there will be pleased to know that having just finished off their Sailor Moon S series of R1 DVD releases Pioneer will begin to release the Sailor Moon Super S series on R1 DVD beginning with the Sailor Moon Super S - Pegasus Collection I on January 29th 2002.

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