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Spielberg DVD Updates

DVDFile have also been chatting with Steven Spielberg's publicist, Marvin Levy who answered a few interesting questions regarding future Spielberg DVDs, all of which I have summarised here for you...

E.T There will be a DVD release of the original 1982 version, whether both this and the new 2002 cut will be made available as a single DVD release is unknown, but rest assured, both cuts will make it to DVD.

A.I There will be NO CGI alterations to scenes which show the World Trade Centre (or anything for that matter).

Schindlers List No word on a DVD release, but Spielberg has talked about doing an extended cut of the film, if and when this will happen is unknown due to his busy time schedule.

Indiana Jones Trilogy and Sugarland Express Not in the pipeline for 2002.

Duel and The Colour Purple Special Editions in 2002

Back to the Future Consistent with recent BBFC Database findings (DVD Trailer for the Trilogy) if all goes well we can expect a third quarter 2002 release.

As you can tell, none of this is concrete information but it shows what plans are being made for his work and also quashes a few rumours that have caused much discussion of late.

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