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'Mona Lisa' Anchor Bay Re-Scheduled & New Titles

The Anchor Bay release of Mona Lisa has been put back from its February 11th release date to a slightly later February 25th release. Details on the DVD can be found here.

We also have some more titles from the Anchor Bay release schedule for you although there are no technical specifications available at this time...

11th March - Nuns on the Run (1990, Dir: Jonathan Lynn)
11th March - Evil Dead - Book of the Dead (Rental) (1982, Dir: Sam Raimi)

This new release of The Evil Dead is interesting to say the least, mostly because it carries the same moniker (Book of the Dead) as the forthcoming R1 re-release that will be packaged in a reproduction of the 'Book of the Dead' found in the film. Strangely it is listed as a Rental release, although I suspect this could well be the same Special Edition that is coming to R1 DVD in February (see here for more info) and will almost certainly be a retail release (but of course this is pure speculation at this point!).

8th April - Runaway Train (1985, Dir: Andrei Konchalovsky)
8th April - The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974, Dir: Jorge Grau)
8th April - All Dogs go to Heaven (1989, Dir: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman)

5th May - The Long Good Friday (1980, Dir: John Mackenzie)5th May - The Missionary (1982, Dir: Richard Loncraine)
5th May - Death Machines (1976, Dir: Paul Kyriazi)

Last updated: 19/04/2018 18:25:12

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