Star Trek The Next Generation TV-Series Box Set Info & Pictures

Paramount will release Star Trek The Next Generation: Series 1 as a 7 Disc DVD Box Set on the 4th March with an £89.99 RRP. Containing all 26 Episodes from the first season the DVD releases will be presented in the shows original 4:3 Aspect Ratio with Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound. Including a fine selection of extra features you will also be presented with a quite unique Box Set design that will certainly look quite special on display.

The extra features for the set are as follows (please note these are not 100% confirmed)...

  • 'The Launch' featurette - Gene Rodenberry's Vision for the New Series
  • 'Building A New Enterprise' featurette - Casts Initial Thoughts, Writing New Characters and Aliens, Designing Ships and Props
  • Cast Interviews - In-depth interviews with the Cast at the Time and seven years on
  • Crew Interviews - Including Special Effects, Make-up and Design
  • Season One Highlights - Cast and Crew discuss Landmark Episodes
  • Commentary by Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes on their favourite episodes
I am sure that if any of the above information is incorrect that all you Star Trek fans will be sure to let us know in the comments! As for the box set, well just look at these superb pictures from

The Unique Box-Set Design

The contents within

How the sets will look if you collect them all

Many thanks to carcher from the The DVD Forums for bringing these pictures to our attention.

Looking further into the year Paramount already have Star Trek The Next Generation: Series 2 scheduled for the 6th May so bi-monthly releases for the series box sets is looking to be a possibility.

Please note that the information above comes from various Retailer sites/fan sites and is not official so details and release dates are subject to change although we do believe this information will give you an idea of what to expect.

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