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Memento announced for R2 and R1(again)

Fans of Christopher Nolan's masterly amnesia thriller are soon going to be faced with a difficult decision, as Pathe and Columbia are both going head to head with new editions of the film. Pathe's version is being released in region 2 on the 14th January, and is more or less identical in terms of features to Columbia's original R1 release, namely:

Interview with Christopher Nolan
Shooting script
'Memento mori', the original short story that the film was based on
Tattoo gallery
Website material
And, most intriguingly, the oft-rumoured 'Beginning of the end' Easter Egg, which is the film re-edited into chronological order (arguably pointlessly...).

However, Columbia have just announced a new special edition for April 2nd in R1, which may (or may not) contain the long rumoured Nolan commentary, and might even be an extended cut...stay tuned for further developments.

Last updated: 19/04/2018 18:24:28

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