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Denon Release first Dolby Headphone equipped Receiver

Dolby Laboratories have just announced the launch of the first US consumer device to be equipped with Dolby Headphone technology.

The Denon AVR 5803 is the first US consumer electronics product to fully support the technology.

Quoted from the Dolby Labs press release:-

"Consumers can plug any conventional headphone set into the AVR-5803 and enjoy the benefits of Dolby Headphone from any source, such as CDs, tapes,records, DVDs, television broadcasts and even soundtracks encoded in Dolby Digital Surround EX. The Dolby Headphone feature is also available in the newly released upgrade for existing Denon AVR-5800 receivers."

I can't comment on how well it performs yet, Dolby claim the the technology will accurately recreate multi-channel surround, once I've had a been able to properly test it out I'll post an update

A point worth noting is that the Pearl Harbour DVD was released with a pre-encoded Dolby Headphone track, meaning that listeners will be able to hear it for themselves even if they have no hardware specifically supporting the technology.

Last updated: 24/06/2018 08:35:49

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