Digital VHS gains Studio Support

After two years of being on the market Digital VHS (developed by JVC) has now gained confirmation of its first movie releases to the format. Offering twice the resolution that a DVD can manage the format is aimed at the 'niche' market who have high end, High Definition Television based set-ups and as such it is not seen as a rival to DVD, more of an incremental step to the next format (most likely High Definition-DVD which is not expected for at least 5-7years). Indeed, the format cannot even support multiple languages, subtitles or easy access to chapters and extras via a menu system so the releases will be all about the highest video and audio performance that can be offered.

So far Fox, Universal, Dreamworks and Artisan have pledged support for the format with the first releases set to include Independence Day, Die Hard and X-Men from Fox; U-571 from Universal; and the two Terminator movies from Artisan. Digital VHS players cost in the region of $2000 while you can find out more about this story from its source - Video Business.

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