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Anime News Update

Its been a while since our last anime news update and much has happened in that time so what follows is a pick of the recent announcements from around the world...

R2 Japanese DVD News

On the Studio Ghibli front we now know the full specifications for the delayed release of Porco Rosso which is now set for a March 29th release and will be a 2-disc set featuring an Anamorphic Transfer, Japanese, English and French DD2.0 Soundtracks with Japanese, English and French optional subtitles. Disc 2 will feature a Film/Storyboard multi-angle feature and some as yet unspecified further bonuses. Retail is set at 4700yen (around £25).

Buena Vista Japan recently announced two further releases that will form part of the Studio Ghibli Collection, Whisper of the Heart and the Sherlock Hound Movie will both debut on May 24th with retail prices of 4700yen and 3800yen respectively.

Rounding off the Studio Ghibli related news it would seem that Spirited Away is possibly set for a June DVD release with two Japanese DVD Websites stating June release dates (the 5th and 19th have been suggested). Also, just a reminder that it has been confirmed that Pathe have picked up the Theatrical distribution rights to Spirited Away here in the UK! More details can be found here

R1 News

ADV Announcements - Spriggan will receive its R1 DVD release on 23rd April. Expect an Anamorphic Transfer, Japanese and English DD5.1 Sound with English subtitles while extras contain an English Audio Commentary and Production sketches. On the same day we will also see Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt which is Disc 1 of a 2-disc series. Containing 3 episodes of the OAV (running for 90-minutes total) we will of course be given both Japanese and English Language options, while the extras include Trailers, Production Sketches, Opening/Endings sans credits and an Easter Egg. A week prior to these releases on April 16th ADV will debut the first two volumes in the long awaited Sailor Moon Original Series but for the real fans you may want to wait as these releases are the English dub versions which are also cut. ADV do have the rights to the Japanese Language versions but are currently sourcing materials for a future DVD release. Retail is however a quite superb $14.98 for each volume (each containing 6 episodes).

Eva fans rejoice as ADV have finally announced details of their long awaited box set for the 8-disc television series. There will be two separate box sets released on April 23rd both with differing availability dependent on what your requirements are but rather then me going into it I will simply point you to the superb page that explains all at Anime On DVD. What I would like to add though is that UK buyers get a raw deal as the separate box set releases are exclusively available via The Right Stuf International who will charge you $15 for shipping on top of, for example, the standard box sets attractive $14.98 RRP!! Just take a look at what could be yours (and this is just the standard release!!)...

As we all know, and if you didn't then you do now, Funimation acquired the rights to the last 10 Lupin III movies, the first of which, Lupin III: Secret of the Twilight Gemini, will debut on R1 DVD April 30th with both Japanese and English language options with an RRP of $24.95. Funimation recently announced the list of titles, 9 of which have had their names altered slightly for American release. The titles are as follows with the new American names in brackets...

Secret of the Twilight Gemini (Legend of the Twilight Gemini)
Voyage to Danger (Dark Order of Assassination)
Dragon of Doom (Burn! Zantetsuken)
Harimao's Treasure (Search for Harimao's Treasure)
Farewell to Nostradamus (Die! Nostradamus)
Dead or Alive
Crisis in Tokyo (Tokyo Crisis)
The Columbus Files (Fujiko's Unlucky Days)
Missed by a Dollar ($1 Money Wars)
Island of Assassin (Walther P-38)

Funimation say they hope to release a new Lupin movie every 5-6months after their first release on April 30th.

A thread on the Anime On DVD Forums has given rise to the information that Grave of the Fireflies will be re-released in the Autumn on R1 DVD with a new digitally remastered Anamorphic Transfer, plus some interviews and making of featurettes.

Box Sets appear to be getting more and more popular with yet another announced, this time Central Park Media will release their Now and Then, Here and There 3-disc series (which will see its second volume released March 12th) as a Box Set on May 14th with an added bonus of a 4th disc with exclusive extra features that include From Then to Now: Behind the Scenes, Japanese Opening, Character Sketches, Mechanical Sketches, Background Sketches, Storyboards, and Trailers! Retail will be $89.99 and the set will look a little something like this...

For those of you who have already started collecting the series then you will be pleased to know the box and extras disc will be available separately, but sadly it is limited to 1000 units and distributed exclusively via The Right Stuf International (Direct Link) for $14.99 but again, like the Eva set UK owners will have to pay a crippling $15 shipping charge.

Due to continuing and unexpected box-office success Columbia Tristar have delayed the DVD release of Rintaro’s Metropolis from March 12th to April 23rd. Sadly CTV UK have followed suit and delayed the UK release from April 22nd to an unspecified date in July. Full details on Metropolis can be found in this News Article.

As ever a BIG thanks to Anime On DVD and for this update, Animenation.

Last updated: 20/06/2018 06:23:50

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