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2002 Magic From Buena Vista - Monsters, Inc.

Today Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced some of the biggest Special Editions the DVD format has yet seen. All information is based on the Region 1 releases...

September 17th - Pixar's superb Monsters, Inc. debuts as a 2-disc set with a retail price of $29.99 and the following features...

Disc One - features the film in both standard and widescreen formats...

  • Fullscreen Version of the Film (1.33:1) - Specially Reframed for Standard Televisions

  • Widescreen Version of the Film (1.85:1) Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions (Original Theatrical Aspect Ratio)

  • Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround EX

  • Dolby®Digital 5.1 Surround EX Sound Effects Only Track

  • THX®Certified with THX Optimizer

  • Audio Commentary by the filmmakers - Director Pete Docter, Co-Director Lee Unkrich, Executive Producer John Lasseter and Executive Producer and Screenwriter Andrew Stanton
Disc Two - contains all of the extra features that are split into two separate 'worlds' for us to navigate...

  • Outtakes: Including "Company Play" - Performance of "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me" - Written, Choreographed, Produced, Directed and Catered by Mike Wazowski

  • "For the Birds" - the 2001 Oscar® nominated Pixar Animated Short Film

  • Music Featurette "If I Didn't Have You" Performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman

  • Exclusive Sneak Peek of FINDING NEMO, Disney/Pixar's New Upcoming Feature Film


  • Welcome to Monsters, Inc. - viewers enter the factory and start their first day on the job with Roz! Viewers can peruse their company handbook as they learn about their monster co-workers.

    • Your First Day

    • History of the Monster World - How Monsters Evolved
    • Employees' Handbook Menu Screens

      • Your Fellow Employees

      • Hazard I.D. Symbols

      • Repetitive Scare Injury

      • C.D.A. (Child Detection Agency)

      • Contamination Safety Check & Alert Procedures

      • The Cafeteria

      • Top 10 Ways To Get Fired

      • Sample Scare Report

      • Gain 10,000 Pounds

      • Personals

      • And More

    • Monster of the Month Awards

    • Scarer Cards - Fun-Filled Facts About All The Monsters

  • New Monster Adventures

    • Special Animation Created For This Release, Including "Mike's New Car" - All-New Animated Short Created Exclusively For The MONSTERS, INC. DVD (with the voices of John Goodman and Billy Crystal)

    • Monsters, Inc. TV Treats

    • Boo's Door Game - The mischievous Randall has shredded Boo's door. Help Mike find the pieces and put it back together.

    • Disney/Pixar Storytime - "Welcome To Monstropolis." Discover More About Mike and Sulley In This All-New Storybook of New Monster Adventures

    • Music Feature "If I Didn't Have You"

  • Behind the Screams

    • On The Job With Mike and Sulley

  • Go Behind the Scenes and See How MONSTERS, INC. Was Created

    • Discover How Computer Animation Works

    • See How Monstropolis Was Created

    • Animation Gags

    • Location Flyarounds

    • Never-Before-Seen Tests

    • Abandoned Concepts

    • Monsters, Inc. Guide to Inside Jokes

  • Pixar Tour

    • Pixar Animation Studios - Take a Tour Through Pixar's Fabulous Studios, Where the Animation Comes To Life

  • From Story to Storyboard

    • Story Is King

    • Monsters Are Real

    • Original Treatment

    • Story Pitch

    • Abandoned Concepts

    • Original Opening

    • Storyboard To Film Comparison

  • Monster Files

    • Cast of Characters

    • What Makes A Great Monster?

    • Character Design

  • Design

    • Monstropolis

    • Setting the Scene

    • Color Scripts

    • Location Flyarounds

    • Monstropolis Art Gallery

    • Guide to "In Jokes"

    • The Animation Process

    • Early Tests

    • Opening Title Animation

    • Shots Department

    • Master Lighting

    • Production Demonstration

  • Music and Sound Design

    • Monster Songs - includes "If I Didn't Have You"

    • Mixing Demo

    • Binaural Recording

    • Sound Design

  • Theatrical Release

    • Premiere

    • Theatrical Teaser

    • Theatrical Trailer #1

    • Theatrical Trailer #2

    • TV Spots

    • International Elements

    • Toys

    • Posters
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