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Hong Kong Legends in April and beyond

We now have the full details for Hong Kong Legends April DVD releases...

Released April 8th is Mr. Vampire. From the PR - Mr Vampire is a multi -levelled, kaleidoscopic action adventure which combines the supernatural, elements of black comedy and award-winning action in one of the most successful Hong Kong pictures ever made. Now re-mastered for the first time ever on DVD, enjoy the physical brilliance of leading-man Chin Siu-ho, the stunning art design of Lam Sai-kan and the innovative direction of Ricky Lau. This flamboyant and thoroughly entertaining fable of the Chinese supernatural was so successful it spawned an entire sub-genre of movies, laying a tribute at its door. Over 90mins of exciting DVD extras!

DVD Special Features

  • Digitally re-mastered and restored DVD transfer
  • 2:35:1 Anamorphic version enhanced for widescreen TVs
  • Dual Language Format(English Dubbed and Cantonese with re-mastered English subtitles)
  • Animated Biography showcase
  • Trailer gallery
  • Interview Gallery with Chn Siu-ho and moon Lee
  • The Vampire's Lair
  • Feature length audio-commentary with Hong Kong Cinema expert Bey Logan
Released April 22nd is Naked Killer. Previously scheduled to be HKL third Platinum Edition it will now instead be a feature packed Special Collectors Edition. From the PR - Stylish, ultra violent and totally over the edge, director Clarence Ford creates a freefall vision of delirious sad-eroticism in the most ground-breaking category 3 thriller of all time. A supercharged erotic action adventure combining elements of 'Nikita" and 'Basic Instinct', 'Naked Killer' unfolds the twilight existence of a super-sexy female assassin, who falls victim to a lethal vendetta at the hands of a rival and her lesbian lover. Infamous and unparalleled, this pulp classic fell foul of the Censors for many years, who felt grieved by the movie's stylish juxtaposition of sex and violence. Now under new guidelines this genre classic can finally be released uncut!!

DVD Special Features

  • Digitally re-mastered and restored DVD transfer
  • 16:9 Anamorphic version enhanced for widescreen TVs
  • Full uncut version for the first time DVD Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio
  • Feature length audio commentary with director Clarence Ford and Bey Logan
  • 'Category 3 Cinema uncovered' Essay Feature
  • Trailer Archive
  • Interview with Director Clarence Ford
  • Interview Gallery with Director Clarence Ford, Carrie Ng, producer Wong Jing and leading man Simon Yan
  • Photo Archive including poster artwork and ad campaign stills
Both titles will retail for £19.99.

Over at the revamped Official HKL Website they have announced several new acquisitions, confirmed forthcoming titles and given release dates for their May releases. Below is a summary of this information...

May Releases - The Scorpion King will debut May 13th with Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain following on May 27th.

Acquisitions – HKL are branching out into the Korean film market with the exhilarating fantasy swordplay title Bichunmoo set to be a Platinum Release later in the year. They have also confirmed they are working on the Zhang Zi-Yi Korean epic Musa: The Warrior.

Confirmations – In various updates HKL have confirmed they have the following titles in the works: The Prodigal Son, Iceman Cometh and Shanghai Express all starring Yuen Biao. Others mentioned include The Story of Ricky which has been passed uncut by the BBFC, Tai Chi Boxer, Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon, Winners and Sinners, Dragon from Russia and The Odd Couple are all mentioned too!

Well, I for one am drowning in drool after all the above!

Last updated: 19/04/2018 18:07:14

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