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Buffy Season 4 announced

Fox have offically announced Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 4, due for release on 13 May. As expected, the release will feature a widescreen 1.78:1 transfer (in Regions 2 and 4 as far as we know, unlike Angel Season 2) and a Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack. Many of the extras are already known about from BBFC submissions, but here is how the discs will shape up:

Disc 1
The Freshman
Living Conditions
The Harsh Light Of Day
Fear Itself
Extras: Script for "Fear Itself"

Disc 2
Beer Bad
Wild At Heart
The Initiative
Extras: Commentary by Doug Petrie for "The Initiative"

Disc 3
Something Blue
Extras: Commentary by Joss Whedon for "Hush", script for "Hush", featurette - "Hush", featurette - "The Sets of Sunnydale", featurette - "Buffy: Inside the Music", two Buffy trailers, cast bios

Disc 4
A New Man
The I In Team
Goodbye Iowa
This Year's Girl
Extras: Commentary by Doug Petrie for "This Year's Girl"

Disc 5
Who Are You
Where The Wild Things Are
New Moon Rising
Extras: Commentary by Jane Espenson for "Superstar", script for "Who Are You"

Disc 6
The Yoko Factor
Extras: Commentary by David Fury & James A. Contner for "Primeval", commentary by Joss Whedon for "Restless", script for "Restless", featurette - "Season 4 Overview", stills gallery

Overall, a pretty impressive-looking set of extras; six commentaries in total (including two by Joss Whedon, which were sadly lacking from the Season 3 set) and several featurettes, one or two of which have the potential to be interesting. Once again though there is no sign of an outtakes reel, despite one being rated by the BBFC (like with several other Buffy and Angel releases).

Packaging will again take the form of a book/bible, presumably with the same anti-scratch modifications seen on the Season 3 set. A shot of the packaging is available over at The R2 Project.

Retail price for this set will be £79.99, although if you look around on the internet you should be able to get it for at least £20 less than that. Readers with multi-region players may like to remember that the Region 4 set, with is likely to be identical to the UK release, may well be the cheapest option. This will be released in Australia on 5 June, a few weeks after the set arrives on UK shelves.

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