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Memento Limited Edition details

Released on the 21st May 2002 is what looks to be the definitive edition of Christopher Nolan's Memento. This limited edition Region 1 DVD release will retail for $27.95 and is set to contain the following features...

  • Limited-Edition, Two-Disc Set
  • Remastered in High Definition
  • Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
  • DTS English 5.1 (Dolby Digital) and 2-Channel (Dolby Surround)
  • English and Spanish subtitles
  • Director’s Commentary
  • Director’s Script
  • "Anatomy of a Scene" Sundance Channel Documentary
  • Production Stills and Sketches
  • Theatrical Trailer, International Trailer and TV Advertising
This 2-disc set has been specially created for DVD by the films writer-director Christopher Nolan and from these excerpts of the press release I am sure you'll agree it sounds like a lot of effort has been put into this DVD...

For viewers, the surprises and mysteries only begin with the critically lauded box-office hit, which was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award and was the winner of four Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Picture. In fact, the limited-edition DVD offers a series of mindbenders and challenges designed by Nolan that begin the moment one of the set’s two discs is inserted into the player. At its core, the DVD is constructed as an elaborate mental puzzle that the viewer must solve in order to watch the film and the added-value elements.

"I've enjoyed flexing my creative muscles to come up with something completely new and unique to the DVD format," said writer/director Christopher Nolan. "I hope fans of MEMENTO will enjoy not only the film, but also the extra features and challenges that the DVD offers."

The MEMENTO limited-edition DVD features the most extensive, full-length director’s commentary since the film’s theatrical release. One disc is devoted to the film itself, which has been digitally remastered and promises the best-ever viewing experience of MEMENTO. It also includes a surprise-filled commentary by Christopher Nolan.

The second disc offers a wealth of special features that includes the 23-minute documentary "Anatomy of a Scene." Originally shown on The Sundance Channel, it breaks down a single scene from script to design to photography to its final screen version. Also included on the limited-edition DVD is the original short story by Jonathan Nolan, as well as a a "director’s script" that allows viewers to dissect the film’s unique structure by switching between a scene and Nolan’s annotated film script by using a DVD player’s angle-change feature.

The newly designed limited edition of MEMENTO will be housed in some of the most unique and creative packaging ever produced, and within it viewers will find hidden assistance to solving the puzzles of the DVD.

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