Joe 90 makes his DVD Debut

Carlton Visual Entertainment will release the entire series of Gerry Anderson's JOE 90 to Region 2 DVD on the 9th September 2002 in a special 5-disc collectors DVD digi-pack with individual DVD volumes to be released from September onwards. All 30 episodes have been digitally re-mastered from 35mm, restored and enhanced for this DVD release that will also contain extra features such as Character Biographies, Information Files, Production & Stills Galleries and much more.

The release details are as follows...

September 9th 2002

JOE 90 Complete Series 5 Disc DVD Digi Pack - 723mins approx - £69.99 RRP
- See Individual Disc Information for line up

JOE 90 DVD Volume 1 - 145mins approx - £15.99 RRP
- Episodes 1 to 6
- Special Features: Character Biographies: Joe McClaine information files, World Intelligence Network (W.I.N) & Warning Sequence footage (Joe's Glasses), Production Gallery, Behind the Scenes Gallery

JOE 90 DVD Volume 2 - 144mins approx - £15.99 RRP
- Episodes 7 to 12
- Special Features: Character Biographies: Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine, Information file - Mac's cottage, 'The Unorthodox Shepherd' location recce, Production Gallery, Behind the Scenes Gallery

November 11th 2002

JOE 90 DVD Volume 3 - 146mins approx - £15.99 RRP
- Episodes 13 to 18
- Special Features: Character Biographies: Sam Loover, Information file - The BIG RAT (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record and Transfer) Computer, Production Gallery, Behind the Scenes Gallery

JOE 90 DVD Volume 4 - 144mins approx - £15.99 RRP
- Episodes 19 to 24
- Special Features: Character Biographies: Shane Weston, Information file - Macs Jet Air Craft, Production Gallery, Behind the Scenes Gallery

27th January 2003

JOE 90 DVD Volume 5 - 144mins approx - £15.99 RRP
- Episodes 25 to 30
- Special Features: Merchandise, End titles sequence, End titles source photos, Production Gallery, Behind the Scenes Gallery

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