It's Your Letters: MGM Terminator Replacement - not a happy customer...

I just got my Terminator "replacement" from MGM. It came in a jiffy bag with nothing else in it other than the bit of paper with my address on it, no letter of apology, not even anything with MGM on it to show its from them.

Opened it and the first thing I noticed was the packaging (which is my original packaging, not a new copy) had been squashed so the spine now has a big crease right down the middle of it, both for the outer slipcase and the inner digipack. It wasnt like this before it was sent but you can see its not new packaging as it looks exactly like my old packaging, only with a big crease down it.

Then I examined the discs, at first glance disc 1 looked ok but when looking closer i noticed it looks like its beeing eaten away from the hole in the middle, there isnt much but you can see it. Then looking at the second disc, its dirty, theres marks all over it and its a completely different colour from the first disc. the second disc has a silvery look to it while the first has a sort of darker browny golden look to it. Also as well as the marks and quite a few scratches on the second disc, it also has the "being eaten" look around the middle hole only much worse than disc 1. Disc 2 also has this effect right on the outer edge in one place.

So I've sent it off (TWICE because the first came straight back to me) and managed to get damaged packaging, 2 different colour discs (in itself not a problem but it does suggest something isnt right). One of the discs has marks and scratches all over it and both discs show signs of this being eaten effect, nothing like it was before but its there.

I think all they have done is wipe my original discs, stuck them back in the original packaging which has now been damaged probably at some point during postage, and sent it back to me, and the marks would now seem to suggest they are clouding up again.

I'm not having this, they are supposed to be replacing the discs, it looks like they may have replaced disc 1 and not disc 2, which would explain the colouring of disc2 being silvery, I cant be sure. Whats more they said you have to send it in the original packaging, which I've now got back with a big crease down the spine where its been squashed. It was also sent back second class post.

What I want is what was originally promised, a REPLACEMENT, which will now have to include packaging since sending it back has damaged mine, when I could have just as easily used 2 spare amarays and had no damage on my packaging at all.

Can you either pass this on to them or give me some contact details so I can tell them this myself, after sending it back once and getting it back in the post 4 days later unopened I'm getting very pissed off now.

David Connell

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