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Buffy Season 5 extras

Other sites have beaten us to it due to those pesky things called holidays, but here is the preliminary list of extras for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5 based on what has been rated by the BBFC, and a list given to the BBC by Fox.

  • Featurette: Buffy Abroad - 4:02

  • Featurette: Casting Buffy - 6:32

  • Featurette: Action Heros! The stunts of Buffy - 10:58

  • Featurette: Natural Causes - 8:54

  • Featurette: Spotlight on Dawn - 7:04

  • Featurette: Demonology - A Slayer's Guide - 10:57

  • Featurette: The Story of Season 5 - 26:39

  • Gag reel (yeah, right) - 2:05

  • Commentary: Real Me - David Fury and David Grossman

  • Commentary: Fool For Love - Doug Petrie

  • Commentary: I Was Made To Love You - Jane Espenson

  • Commentary: The Body - Joss Whedon

  • Script: The Replacement

  • Script: Fool For Love

  • Script: Into The Woods

  • Script: Checkpoint

  • Various trailers

Not a bad selection at all - although going by the previous releases, the chance of the "gag reel" actually appearing on the discs is slim at best.

BtVS Season 5 is due for release on 28 October in Region 2.

Last updated: 19/04/2018 17:29:39

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