Anchor Bay announce Time Bandits

Anchor Bay UK have announced the Region 2 DVD release of Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits. This specially remastered DVD will arrive on 1st October 2002 with a retail price of £19.99 and the following features...

  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Trailer
  • Scrapbook
  • Biographies: Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, David Rappaport, Sean Connery
  • Film Notes
  • Dream Facts
  • Production Photo Gallery
  • Missing Scene
  • Storyboard Extracts
  • Interview with Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin
The following is taken from the Press Release...

The first of three Terry Gilliam (Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Jabberwocky, The Fisher King, Twelve Monkeys) films collectively referred to as his "Trilogy of the Imagination" (along with Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen), TIME BANDITS is a wonderfully inventive fantasy with a massive cult following and universal appeal. A sleeper hit, in 1981 the film grossed well over eight times its $5 million budget.

Co-written by Gilliam and fellow Monty Python veteran Michael Palin (who also appears in the film), TIME BANDITS tells the story of Kevin (Craig Warnock), a young imaginative boy kidnapped by a band of mischievous dwarves who have stolen a map of the universe detailing the locations of holes in the space-time continuum from the Supreme Being (Ralph Richardson). The dwarves, with Kevin in tow, set off on a bizarre journey back and forth though time with the intention of looting the fortunes of history's rich and famous. Along the way they meet the likes of King Agamemnon (Sean Connery), Robin Hood (John Cleese) and Napoleon (Ian Holm) among others, and even get to sail on the Titanic moments prior to its unfortunate encounter with an iceberg. Unknowingly, the diminutive bandits are being watched by the spectre of Evil Genius (David Warner), who wants the map for his own typically wicked purposes.

Starring David Rappaport (The Bride), Kenny Baker (R2-D2 in the Star Wars series, The Elephant Man, Flash Gordon, Labyrinth) and Jack Purvis (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Crystal, Return Of The Jedi, Brazil, Mona Lisa, Labyrinth) as three of the titular heroes, TIME BANDITS also features superb comedic performances from Shelley Duvall (The Shining, Popeye), Katherine Helmond (Brazil), Jim Broadbent (Brazil, Erik The Viking), and Peter Vaughan (Brazil, TV's Our Friends In The North) as a long-suffering ogre.

TIME BANDITS is a rousing comedy-fantasy adventure of epic proportions, featuring an array of dazzling visuals and a brilliantly hilarious script. Released in a specially remastered version on DVD and VHS by Anchor Bay Entertainment UK on 1st October.

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