24 UK Box Set - Cut? Official News inside...

We here at DVDTimes have received several e-mails from readers explaining how the recent Fox Home Entertainment DVD Box Set release of hit TV series 24 is cut. Intrepid fans have pointed out that here in the UK the BBC broadcasts for a few episodes were extended versions over those broadcast in the US (where they had to be edited down by a matter of 60-90 seconds for advert breaks) but through an unfortunate error the US edits of the show were included on the R2 DVD release, whereas the UK VHS Box Set contains the correct BBC broadcasts of the show.

Various unofficial reports have been flooding in saying Fox Home Entertainment are issuing a recall. For now we understand this to be incorrect, at least at a consumer level. Popular retailer Play247.com have told DVDTimes reader Mike, who enquired about a damaged box, that all 24 discs have been recalled due to the issues noted above. If Fox are issuing a recall then it is purely at a retail level as of this time.

We do have some official word direct from Fox PR who state that Fox Home Entertainment will be reprinting Discs 5 and 6 (the ones affected) and will then be organising some mechanic to enable people to swap their discs. Please note that this is all we know at this time, when we have more we shall update the site.

Note: I would like to request that anyone who posts a comment does NOT outline any edits that might be spoilers for those who have not seen the show as not everyone watched 24 on the BBC and may be looking to enjoy it for the first time on this DVD release.

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