Fox announce Buffy Season 5

Fox have released their official announcement of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5. The six-disc set is due out on 28 October and will feature a 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer alongside a Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack. We have previously reported the extras that can be found in this set, but here is how they, and the episodes, will be spread across the discs:

Disc 1
Buffy vs. Dracula
Real Me
The Replacement
Out Of My Mind
Extras: Commentary by David Fury and David Grossman for "Real Me", script for "The Replacement"

Disc 2
No Place Like Home
Fool For Love
Extras: Commentary by Doug Petrie for "Fool For Love", script for "Fool For Love"

Disc 3
Listening to Fear
Into The Woods
Extras: Script for "Into The Woods", featurette - "Buffy Abroad", featurette - "Demonology - A Slayer's Guide", featurette - "Casting Buffy", featurette - "Action Heros! The Stunts of Buffy", six trailers

Disc 4
Blood Ties
I Was Made To Love You
Extras: Script for "Checkpoint", commentary by Jane Espenson for "I Was Made To Love You"

Disc 5
The Body
Tough Love
Extras: Commentary by Joss Whedon for "The Body"

Disc 6
The Weight Of The World
The Gift
Extras: Featurette - "The Story of Season 5", featurette - "Natural Causes", featurette - "Spotlight on Dawn", stills gallery - 50 images

This set is looking pretty promising - 7 featurettes and 4 commentaries, including that all-important contribution from Joss Whedon. No surprises that the "gag reel" that was rated by the BBFC for this release is missing - the same has been true for every Buffy DVD release since Season 3.

The book-style packaging returns for the UK release, whilst the spread of episodes and extras across the discs strongly hints that the Region 4 version will again be released as two 3-disc boxsets. A picture of the UK packaging is below. The set will retail at £79.99, the norm for Buffy releases (sadly the recent release of 24 at the lower £45 price point does not seem to have set a precedent for six-disc TV series boxsets from Fox UK).

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