Deep Space Nine - Trekkers Rejoice!

The second spin off from the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has been pencilled in for a debut on Region 1 DVD on 25 February 2003. We expect this date to be closely matched by a Region 2 release of the first series.

Deep Space Nine is set during the same period as The Next Generation and sees the United Federation of Planets taking over a Cardassian mining outpost known as Terok Nor which is in orbit over the planet Bajor. After decades of Cardassian occupation, the Bajoran people drive out their oppressors and with the Federation's help start to rebuild their lives and civilisation. Shortly after taking command of the station, Commander Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brookes) discovers a wormhole leading to a distant and unexplored area of the galaxy and sets off a chain of events that will see the Federation face the greatest threat in it's history.

We expect the DVD releases to come in series boxsets, much the same as with The Next Generation - therefore we can expect extras, but once again commentaries are unlikely...

More news once we have it although official confirmation probably wont be with us till the end of the year.

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