PC DVD viewers may have a revolutionary new way of watching their favourite films if this latest announcement from eDimensional is anything to go by. Using software based techniques and their 'E-D Glasses', it's apparently possible to turn a standard DVD movie into a 3D experience.

The full press release is below. We're trying to get hold of a copy of the software and glasses to see if they really offer all that they promise.

Exclusive New Real-Time DVD Conversion Software for the E-D Glasses

Alexandria, VA (September 20, 2002) - eDimensional is proud to release the world’s first real-time 2-D to 3-D conversion software for DVDs. After years of testing and research, utilizing advanced patented algorithms, any DVD can now be instantly converted into stunning 3-D right in front of your eyes. 3DPlusTM by eDimensional works with any 3D accelerated video card and a typical PC. Actors appear lifelike and scenery comes alive as you become immersed in the imagery and action of your favorite DVD.

Renown for their amazing effect on PC games, the E-DTM glasses which can automatically convert virtually any gaming title into true 3-D now have expanded compatibility to include DVDs. Current customers do not need to upgrade their hardware. Simply purchase 3DPlusTM and instantly begin viewing normal DVDs in stunning, realistic 3-D. 3DPlusTM works with all of the most popular chipsets, including nVidia, ATI, Matrox, and others.

Technology Director Charlie Beekman says, “eDimensional believes in providing our customers with the tools to create their own E-D experiences. Rather than providing a limited selection of content which must be purchased on an individual basis, with our 3D CombineTM and now 3DPlusTM software, consumers have a suite of applications at their disposal to do just that.”

Previously there was very limited 3-D content available, which was filmed using expensive 3-D cameras and carried a hefty price tag. 3DPlusTM provides an equal or superior level of quality at a consumer-friendly price. The retail price of the software is $49.95 and is $39.95 when purchased with the E-DTM glasses.

Based in technology hotspot Northern Virginia, eDimensional, Inc. is the leading 3-D entertainment company in the world. Makers of the E-DTM glasses, eDimensional is dedicated to providing the most cutting edge and cost effective virtual reality solutions to the mainstream consumer. Numerous product reviews and awards by gaming industry leaders, as well as company and product information are available for viewing at the company's website or by contacting sales@eDimensional.com

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