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Momentum Asia - 2005 schedule!

Earlier this week we brought you details of the new Momentum Asia label along with their first title announcements for February 2005 (see Related Content). Now we bring you the rest of their 2005 schedule combining the very best from both the golden age of Hong Kong cinema and the current new wave of Asian films on DVD.

Please note: All dates are subject to change!

21st March 2005

Casshern - The debut feature from acclaimed fashion photographer and music video director Kazuaki Kiriya, CASSHERN is a visually stunning science fiction epic based on a 35 episode anime series from 1973 entitled "Casshan: Robot Hunter". Set in an alternative, retro¬futuristic world polluted and ravaged by years of chemical, biological and nuclear war, the story begins with geneticist Dr. Azuma's attempts to rejuvenate and regenerate humankind. When his experiments go wrong, a race of mutant androids is unleashed and only Azuma's dead son, reincarnated as the legendary hero Casshern, has the power to lead the war against the super robots.

Scent of the Night Flower - One of the top grossing Thai films of 2003, SCENT OF THE NIGHT FLOWER (aka "Buppah Rahtree') is an insane horror comedy that combines the hilarity of "Scary Movie" with the shock factor of the likes of 7he Exorcist" and "Audition". Having already suffered abuse at the hands of her stepfather, a young student, Buppah Rahtree, is driven to suicide when she is left alone, pregnant and miserable by a rich playboy who only seduced her to win a bet. Returning from the dead as a horribly disfigured ghost, Buppah sets out to exact terrible revenge on all those who mistreated her in life. Featuring hard¬hitting social commentary, transvestite hairdressers, crazy psychics and graphic gore, SCENT OF THE NIGHT FLOWER is quite unlike anything you may have seen before.

25th April 2005

Death Duel (Shaw Brothers Collection) - Director Chor Yuen's bloody tale of chivalry is considered a classic of the swordplay genre. A master swordsman, tired of taking on all comers and pretenders to his throne, fakes his death in order to live a normal, quiet life. But his plans are disrupted when a cunning rival orchestrates a duel between the swordsman and the only fighter capable of beating him. Starring Derek Yee and Ling Yun, DEATH DUEL also features crowd

Human Lanterns (shaw Brothers Collection) - Directed by Suen Chung, HUMAN LANTERNS is a macabre and fantastic swordplay film with a strong horror element. The film stars Lau Wing, Lo Lieh, Chen Kuan tai and Lo Meng in the bizarre tale of an outcast swordsman who begins kidnapping the people closest to his rivals and using their skins to make lanterns.

The Magnificent Trio (Shaw Brothers Collection) - A group of farmers under the oppression of a local magistrate kidnap the magistrate's daughter and hold her as ransom in a bid to secure reform. In turn, the magistrate hires a group of bandits to challenge the farmers and rescue his daughter. But the farmers are aided by a trio of swordsmen determined to see justice done. Acclaimed director Chang Cheh's faithful and impressive remake of the Japanese film, "Three Outlaw Samurai" is a swashbuckling swordplay extravaganza starring Jimmy Wang Yu, Lo Lieh and Cheng Lui.

23rd May 2005

Born To Fight - The latest film from Panna Rittikrai, the co writer and fight choreographer of the acclaimed "Ong Bak", BORN TO FIGHT is a breathtaking remake of the director's own 1982 B movie 'Yerd Ma LuV'. The story concerns a group of Thai athletes on an aid mission to a remote village who get caught up in a violent tribal feud between the locals and an evil tyrant intent on terrorising the villagers. A highly anticipated film, thanks to its connections to "Ong Bak", BORN TO FIGHT is already becoming one of the most talked about Asian action features of the year, not least for the inclusion of a show stopping, no¬wires, CGI free sequence involving a truck that has to be seen to be believed.

13th June 2005

The Trail of the Broken Blade (Shaw Brothers Collection) - Director Chang Cheh applies his trademark theme of "chivalrous brotherhood" to a tragic romantic saga involving a swordsman who goes in search of a fugitive in order to reunite him with his lost lover. An early example of the classic swordplay genre, the film stars Jimmy Wang Yu, Wu Chong and Chin Ping and features a series of breathtaking swordfights and a suitably high bodycount!

The Master (Shaw Brothers Collection - Yuan Te, Jackie Chan's kung fu classmate and Sammo Hung's fight coordinator on his Hollywood hit "Martial Law", makes his acting debut in "The Master". Te stars as downtrodden kung fu student Ko Chien, who,saves the life of a kung fu master (Chen Kuan tai), who is being stalked by three killers. Te's impressive kung fu skills are fully exploited and show why Jet Li, would later choose Te as his fight choreographer for his Hollywood hits "Kiss of the Dragon" and "The One".

The Water Margin (Shaw Brothers Collection) - Cheng Cheh's epic of epics, THE WATER MARGIN is based on the classic novel and true legend, "All Men Are Brothers" which chronicles the exploits of 108 rebels who bravely fought against the invading Sung armies. Featuring just about every big Shaw Brothers star of the period, including David Chiang, Ti Lung and Chen Kuan tai, THE WATER MARGIN is one of the most dynamic kung fu films in the history of cinema. There are martial art epics and "brotherhood hero" films but none come even close to THE WATER MARGIN.

Silver Hawk - The spectacular action adventure, SILVER HAWK stars Asian cinema superstar Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as millionairess Lulu, whose motorbike riding, silver catsuit clad alter ego, Silver Hawk, comes up against a bionic armed villain with plans to take over the world by brainwashing the populace via their mobile phones. Co¬starring Michael Jai White (Spawn) and Luke Goss (Blade 11), SILVER HAWK is stylishly directed by Jingle Ma (Tokyo Raiders) with a unique visual flair and more than a touch a humour. Full of superb stunt work and kung fu fight sequences, it is a perfect showcase for the talents of the inimitable Ms. Yeoh.

July 2005

The Bodyguard - The directorial debut of "Ong Bak" star Petchai Wongkarnlau, THE BODYGUARD is a fast paced action comedy packed from start to finish with bone crunching fight sequences and stylised gunplay reminiscent of the best of John Woo's early work. Wongkarnlau himself stars as the eponymous bodyguard who is fired from his post when his boss is assassinated. But when his former boss' son also becomes a target for the killers, he finds himself back in a job and on the trail of the mysterious assassins. A must see for fans of the work of Jackie Chan and John Woo, THE BODYGUARD features an unmissable cameo by Wongkarnlau's "Ong Bak" co star, Phanom Yeerum (aka Tony Jaa).

August 2005

All Men Are Brothers (Shaw Brothers Collection) - The long awaited sequel to the martial arts blockbuster "The Water Margin", ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS is a true epic featuring a cast that has achieved celebrated status among Shaw Brothers devotees: Ti Lung, David Chiang, Chen Kuan tai, and Danny Lee. A hard edged feminine touch is provided by Lily Ho and Betty Chung Ling ling. The behind the camera line up is also of mythic proportions, with direction by Chang Cheh and no less than four martial arts choreographers, including Liu Chia liang (a.k.a. Lau Kar leung) and brother Liu Chia yung (a.k.a. Lau Kar wing).

Two Champions of Shaolin (Shaw Brothers Collection) - Legendary kung fu film director Chang Cheh presents another of his on going, action¬packed, internationally loved Wenom" cult classics, pitting anti Manchu Shaolin masters against devious Wutang warriors in a literal fight to the death. Cheh originally hit upon a winning formula by teaming three Taiwanese stars with a Korean kicker and a Chinese strongman in a super heroic series of ku ng fu filled adventures starting with the international cult favorite, "The Five Venoms" (a.k.a. "The Five Deadly Venoms'). TWO CHAMPIONS is of particular interest in that the fifth Wenom" worked behind the scenes while the other four strut their stuff all the more intently because of it.

Invincible Shaolin (Shaw Brothers Collection) - Director Chang Cheh, who gave Shaolin films international cinematic respect, is re¬united with the 7he Five Venoms" and continues his mission to bring Shaolin martial arts films to even more wondrous heights with INVINCIBLE SHAOLIN. Ching officials trick Northern and Southern Shaolin martial artists to fight against each other in the hope that they wipe each other out. The monks get wind of the plan... but is it too late?

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