Buffy Season 6 and Angel Season 3

Thanks to site sponsors DVD.co.uk, we now have official release dates for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6 and Angel: Season 3. It appears Fox are attempting to bring the release dates a little more in line for the two most recent UK aired seasons:

Angel: Season 3 - 10 March
Buffy: Season 6 - 14 April

Both titles are up on the DVD.co.uk to pre-order now at a very reasonable £57.99. In addition, they also have Buffy: Season 5 up for pre-order at the same price and I am not aware of anywhere cheaper. Direct links to all three discs are below - and by using them you'll also be helping DVD Times:

Buffy: Season 5
Buffy: Season 6
Angel: Season 3
The retail price for all three sets is £79.99.

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