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3 Wong Kar-Wai titles in January - Menus and confirmed specs

Tartan Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of three titles as part of their Wong Kar-Wai Collection. One of the most successful directors from Hong Kong, the award-winning Wong Kar-Wai has developed an international reputation which equals cinematic masters such as Truffaut, Kurosawa, Bergman, and Almódovar. His stylish, avant garde craftsmanship has been shaped with his regular collaborator, the renowned cinematographer Christopher Doyle, and he’s inspired film-makers including Richard Jobson’s directorial debut 16 Years of Alcohol. He has also attracted a cast of regular Hong Kong actors who have found increasing international fame, including Tony Leung (Infernal Affairs; Hero), Maggie Cheung (In The Mood For Love; Hero), Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs; House of Flying Daggers) and Gong Li (Raise the Red Lantern) With his much-anticipated new film, 2046 due for UK release in January, he has already cast Nicole Kidman in his next project, The Lady From Shanghai.

Due for UK DVD release on 24th January 2005 priced at £19.99 each are...

Wong Kar-Wai’s first feature is an atmospheric remake of Mean Streets. A debt collector’s desires is to lead a quieter life in the country are frustrated by his inability to escape his gangland loyalties, starring Andy Lau and favourite leading lady, Maggie Cheung.

Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with Mandarin* 1.0 Mono audio and optional English subtitles.

A young man spends his time in Hong Kong drifting through a series of casual relationships, searching for his lost mother and chasing unfulfilled dreams. Set in 1960, Wong Kar-Wai’s second feature captures his trademark richness of camerawork and design with an all-star cast of Hong Kong superstars including Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung. Multi-award winner at the Hong Kong film Awards.

Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with Mandarin* 1.0 Mono audio and optional English subtitles.

Beautiful and hugely enjoyable, this is directed by Jeff Lau and produced by Wong Kar-Wai. Princess Ping On (Fay Wong) escapes the a stifling world of palace life in the Forbidden City by disguising herself as a man. She befriends Lung (Tony Leung) and his sister, Phoenix (Vicki Zhao). But she falls for the ‘prince’ who, in return, has fallen for Lung. It’s a frantic mix of romantic comedy and Crouching Tiger spoof involving martial arts, identity changes and Shakespearean gender confusion. There’s even pastiches of Wong Kar-Wai’s own Ashes of Time and Chungking Express . Slick, stylish entertainment.

Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with Mandarin* 2.0 Stereo audio and optional English subtitles.

*Please note Mandarin is NOT the original language for these films. These discs use dubbed Mandarin tracks as opposed to the original Cantonese.

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