'24' Box Set Update

Despite earlier confirmations that Fox would only be offering replacement discs 5 & 6 of their '24' Season 1 Box Set via a mail in replacement program we have now confirmed that from October 14th the box set will effectively be re-issued with the new pressings of discs 5 & 6 present. However, the box set with the original pressings of discs 5 & 6 was NOT recalled, so it is possible high street retailers may still have copies with the original discs 5 & 6 for sale. Most Internet retailers have the box set down for release on the 14th October, so it would seem safe to assume you will receive the new pressings of discs 5 & 6 if ordering the boxset online, though it may be wise to confirm with your e-tailer of choice prior to ordering.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, then please refer to our previous news story and the lengthy (and occasionally quite heated) comments section.

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