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New Hardware from Pioneer: The NS-DV1000

Pioneer have announced the November 2002 launch of what they are claiming to be the first universal DVD Home Entertainment System - the NS-DV1000. Superseding their previous player/speaker packages this new model offers a variety of improvements including a feature Pioneer is particularly proud of - the ability to playback DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD software, alongside the added bonus of Dolby Pro Logic II decoding which will be of interest to any Nintendo Gamecube owners. The following press release explains all...

Pioneer GB Limited is set to revolutionise home cinema with the November 2002 launch of its latest home entertainment system; the NS-DV1000, the first all-in-one system to include a universal DVD player compatible with DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and multi-channel Super Audio CDs (SACDs).

The package also includes a high quality, separate colour status display unit, speakers, FM/AM radio tuner with built in RDS, and a remote controller designed to operate Pioneer's state-of-the-art widescreen multimedia plasma TVs.

Says John Bamford of Pioneer GB Limited's Home Electronics Division, "This year we have received highly-publicised accolades for Pioneer's technically-advanced DVD players. Judging by the critical acclaim received by the Pioneer NS-DV1, the world's very first DVD home entertainment package, when it was introduced, home entertainment enthusiasts are sure to welcome the NS-DV1000."

"DVD technology is now migrating from professional studios into personal computers and home video recorders," continues Bamford. "The NS-DV1000 addresses the needs of consumers by providing them with universal compatibility. The NS-DV1000 is the true embodiment of Pioneer's commitment to leading the industry in the development of DVD technology."

Maintaining its tradition of superior innovation with home entertainment products, Pioneer's NS-DV1000 is not only capable of playing DVD-Video, 'Advanced Resolution' super-high-fidelity DVD-Audio discs and multi-channel SACDs, but can also play music CDs, VideoCDs, and music/video recorded on CD-R/RW discs (including MP3 files). The integrated DVD player is "RW COMPATIBLE", which means it can play DVD-R/RW discs recorded in straightforward DVD-Video format (Video Mode) as well as DVD-RW discs, recorded (or even edited) in DVD Video Recording format (VR Mode).

NS-DV1000 joins Pioneer's NS-Series of stylish designer systems, incorporating a separate status display unit that can be positioned remotely from the main unit. To deliver a superior interface befitting this groundbreaking system, Pioneer has, for the first time in a home entertainment system, utilised its Organic Electro-Luminescent (OEL) colour display technology. OEL features distinctive type fonts and motion graphics that make traditional FL and dot-matrix displays look archaic.

Built in attractive brushed aluminium housing, the main unit includes removable polished wood-effect side panels allowing consumers the choice between traditional or contemporary modern casing to suit the style of any living room.

Five satellite speakers are also constructed in aluminium, while the powerful active subwoofer is finished in Nextel-type dark grey. The high frequency response of the satellite speakers extends to 60kHz, while internally the system employs high-specification audio DACs and a 108MHz/12-bit video DAC for outstanding, no-compromise A/V performance - music to any audiophile's ears.

To create a 'total' home entertainment solution Pioneer's NS-DV1000 can be combined with:

The PDP-503HDE (50 inch) / PDP-433HDE (43 inch) state-of-the-art widescreen multimedia plasma TVs - with ultra-fine imaging, the sets provide the ultimate viewing experience and become a stylish focal point for the living room as the entertainment system creates a true cinema experience at home. The screens are available in a stunning silver design which will seamlessly fit into design conscious environments
Pioneer's optional brushed aluminium speaker stands (in pairs) - with a stylish matching design - for the front left/right and surround left/right speakers, ensures speaker placement is optimal, whilst delivering the best surround sound effects and blending perfectly with the room's décor.

Key features of the NS-DV1000 multi-channel DVD entertainment system:
  • Universal playback Compatible with DVD-Audio/SACD/SACDMulti-channel/DVD-Video/DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW/CD-DA/VideoCD/MP3
  • RW Compatible (including CPRM) Plays DVD-R/RW discs in Video Mode and Video Recording (VR) Mode
  • CD-R/RW compatible including MP3. Un-finalised CD-DA recordings can also be played, although time display and scan/skip functionality is limited due to absence of TOC
  • Unique OEL Separate Display - features sophisticated type font & motion graphics in 6 Languages (English/Dutch/French/German/ Italian/Spanish)
  • Advanced Graphic User Interface for DVD
  • DVD-Audio, SACD, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding + Dolby Pro Logic II
  • Virtual Surround Back (Virtual 6.1 channel)
  • TV Surround / Headphone Virtual Surround
  • Easy Room Size setup and Seat Position setup
  • 108MHz/12-bit Video DAC Digital NR / Super Fine Focus Digital Filter / Mosquito Noise and Block Noise DNR
  • 192kHz / 24-bit Audio DACs
  • High Quality Aluminium Construction (with detachable polished wood-effect side panels)
  • 2-way satellite speakers in Aluminium enclosures; tweeters' high frequency response extends to 60kHz
  • Active subwoofer with Nextel-type finish in dark grey
  • High Power Output: total 450W RMS (360W DIN)
  • Comprehensive Input & Output Terminals:
    • 1 x Euro-SCART socket (input/output, with RGB)
    • Video Inputs: 3 x composite video (RCA); 3 x S-Video
    • Audio Inputs: 3 pairs stereo line inputs (RCA), plus the SCART
    • Video Outputs: 1 x composite video (RCA); 1 x S-Video; 1 x SCART with RGB
    • Digital Inputs: 2 x Optical
    • Digital Output: 1 x Optical
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