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Future Publishing's contribution to the DVD magazine market, What DVD, is to close. One of the first DVD magazines on the shelves, What DVD unfortunately has struggled to find it's market and the team working on the magazine have been now been told to stop working on the Christmas issue.

The last issue will be the December issue - number 45. However, this should already be on the shelves so don't expect to see any more out there. The team at What DVD didn't get a chance to let their readers know of the magazine's demise so have asked us to put up this news item to let their online readers know what's happened...

Here's the full email I received:

"Yes, it's true: What DVD is no more. We have been told to stop work on our Christmas issue with immediate effect, so the December issue currently on the shelves - number 45, with the "Eight Legged Freak" Tobey Maguire/Spider-Man cover - is the last issue that will appear.

Frankly, we worked our backsides off to produce what we still believe was the best specialist DVD magazine available, but we just weren't selling enough copies every month to remain profitable. Future Publishing therefore decided to pull the plug.

This news has been a bolt from the blue, and we didn't have a chance to tell our loyal readers, so we'd like to take this opportunity to let you and, by extension, them, know what's happened, and to thank everyone for their support.

All the best

Rob, Mark, Antony and Rachel @ What DVD"

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