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Legally Blonde

starts badly and plummets downhill from that moment onwards. Blonde Sorority Queen and airhead Elle (Reese Witherspoon) is all set for a special evening in which she predicts that her ambitious Harvard law student boyfriend Warner (Matthew Davis) will propose to her. However, Warner has other plans, and decides that Elle isn't serious enough to be seen doting on his arm; after all, he does have plans of being a senator one-day, and a girl taking a fashion major isn't ambitious enough, and so finishes the relationship. This causes Elle to indulge in tremendous self pity, until she decides that is serious is what Warner wants, then serious is what he is going to get. Thus, Elle embarks upon a mission to become accepted at Harvard Law School, and therefore woo back Warner. Her friends and family believe it's a wrong move, but Elle will not be detoured. After sheer hard work and determination gains Elle a place in Harvard, she finds she has to fight prejudice due to her hair colour and appearance, whilst also attempting to convince Warner and his snobby friends that she can be intelligent and smart also.

Watching Legally Blonde is like watching a movie with a big rubber stamp saying Clueless written on every frame. Not that the movie compares to the Amy Heckerling nineties teen classic in any way, just that Legally Blonde tries so hard to imitate, yet only worries about the superficial elements. Clueless actually had something to say in the form of attacking young girls with the wrong priorities in life, yet Legally Blonde champions these girls, and actually has nothing to say other than the age old 'blondes-are-just-as-smart' argument. This is proved by the protagonist, Elle, showing evidence she is a smart lawyer by discrediting a witness due to a discrepancy in the story about the perm that she has! Does this prove that blondes are intelligent? No, it just proves that an airhead obsessed with fashion can help win a case if the deciding factors are fashion related, and luckily for Elle, the first case she encounters happens to be just that. This story is so flawed and so goddamn stupid that it's a terrible insult to anyone's intelligence. Reese Witherspoon can not hold a movie as well as she thinks she can, and her character Elle is hard to sympathise with as she is actually a spoilt, rich, annoying person obsessed with only the shallow aspects of life. The fact that she is travelling through a fragile patch in her life means nothing.

Why should anyone care about Elle? Why should blondes even care about her? Since she is actually not even promoting them in the first place. If she was intelligent to start with, and then discriminated against, a story might have been interesting to tell. Instead, the movie cops out by having a blonde airhead only doing something intelligent when driven by pure determination. It's no good attacking discrimination if it panders to stereotyping at the beginning of the movie. To make matters worse, Reese Witherspoon isn't even a natural blonde!

That said, there is a nice, understated performance from Luke Wilson, who like his brother Owen and fellow actor Jason Lee seem to be heralding a new wave of surf-dude nice guy actors. Other than this, Legally Blonde has nothing at all to offer, and if stuck for something to watch at the cinema, watch something you have already seen as opposed to opting for this dire piece of stupid filmmaking. Legally Blonde is a film that provokes desires of being as rich as the protagonist, if just so that it would be possible to buy every print of the film and indulge in a ceremonial burning.



out of 10

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