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Street Mobster from Eureka

Eureka Video have announced the next in their line of Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku (Battle Royale) titles with the December 30th 2002 DVD release of Street Mobster. For the retail price of £15.99 you will be presented with a fully restored and digitally remastered Anamorphic Widescreen Transfer with the original Japanese Mono Audio track and of course, English Subtitles. Extra features consist of a Photo Gallery and Directors Profile.

Synopsis: Street mobster Isamu Okita likes fighting and girls, and is just out of prison for killing a rival in a bath-house. On release, he finds things have changed: the old gangs no longer have the power they once enjoyed. So he teams up with Kizaki, an aspiring gangster who suggests he revive his old gang to take on existing mobs and claim their territory.

They challenge the Yato gang and end up being recruited into the gang when their leader is impressed by their fighting skills. With Okita's help, Yato crushes the Takigawa gang and an alliance is formed. But the outcome is not to Okita's liking - things are way too peaceful. The peace is shattered, however, when rival leader, Owada, joins the alliance. After a terrible display of disrespect towards Owada, Okita and his men are banished from the gang. Okita initiates guerrilla war between the mobs - with devastating and deadly consequences for all.

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