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The Charlie Chan Chanthology in November

MGM Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Charlie Chan Chanthology for 29th November 2004 priced at £29.99. Boasting the best adventures from the infamous Honolulu detective Charlie Chan, played by Sidney Toler, these collectors DVDs are full of suspense, thrills, mystery and very wise proverbs! Watch Charlie Chan solve a host of murder mysteries, helped along by his laugh out loud sidekicks.

The titles featured in the DVD box set are as follows:

Charlie Chan and the Chinese Cat – a locked room murder baffles all but our detective and leads to a confrontation in a crazy fun house!
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service – Chan joins the government to investigate the mysterious death of an important inventor .
The Jade Mask – a classic mansion murder complete with unhelpful butler, mysterious relatives, hidden passages and a missing body!
Meeting at Midnight – ghosts get in the way when our man seeks out a murderer amongst a group of occultists.
The Scarlet Clue – the theft of top secret papers leads Chan on a paper chase to a murderer.
The Shanghai Cobra – a spate of cobra bites are linked to attempted thefts of a deadly substance, but how?

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